Shitty Tenant, what now?

Imagine EVERY room is this bad and what started out as a good tenant became this? How would you FEEL? What would you do? What can you do when your tenant becomes a 'SHITTY TENANT'.

We can insure against certain things and we can do all the checks we are allowed yet sometimes the odd person, who had their life together, suddenly spirals. This type of person could be in any walk of life so don't sit and think this will never happen to me!

The thing here is when this starts to happen you need to remove, as much as possible, the emotion from the scenario. This is not a personal attack on you its just who they are right now, we tend to go through a myriad of emotions, anger, frustration, dis-belief, sadness and others that you can think of.

What you have to do now is STOP!

Ever been on a walk, hike or drive and then realized you are lost, do you continue going or do you stop figure out where you are then head off in hopefully the right direction. Well the same principal applies here. Stop whatever it was you were doing, write down on a piece of paper the scenario, i.e. Tenant has stopped paying rent, tenant has wrecked the place, tenant is becoming abusive, whatever it is write it down. Now you know where you are, the next step is to look at each one as an individual problem to solve and start to look for solutions, there are government sites with the exact rules you must follow and also other sites where you can get some good advice, just make sure when getting advice it is correct and up to date. Now next to each problem write down the steps you have top take, for example, serve notice in writing in the correct way, issue letters stating what needs to be fixed, by when and how with the consequence, file the necessary paperwork with the correct agency as soon as possible.

Now you have a pathway showing you the way out you can start to follow it, even if you are emotional you have the steps you need to take, sometimes this can happen really quick other times it can take months to reach the end, however, regardless of the time you will come to a conclusion and they will be out if you follow the correct steps.

When a tenant starts to show signs of being a delinquent tenant DO NOT let it slide, they will give you every excuse under the sun, people who have died, dogs that have eaten their money, banks that freeze their accounts (this is a common one because that happens all the time right!) Either way YOU are the business owner and you need to follow the rules to ensure YOU remain in control of the situation. Will they do things to piss you off and upset you, for sure they will, will they continue to be bad, 99.9% of the time yes if you allow them to.

If this is going to be too much for you I would recommend hiring and paying for someone to help you, a professional who knows the rules and the industry and has some experience. What you pay for this service will save you thousands in not making an error and millions in your sanity and patience.

People are people so usually there are things that will motivate them, if people are starting to go downhill and become a bad tenant 'usually' there will be money issues as well that follow, late rent, because they either have no money or they spend it elsewhere, knowing this information you can usually bribe people to leave too, this might seem illogical since they are going to leave you a clean up cost, they may owe you money from back rent, but believe me to have a bad tenant out quickly might cost you a thousand or two but again will save you thousands in other areas, most of all your sanity. You can always file for damages and unpaid rent after they are out, you never said you wouldn't, you just said you would pay them to leave by a certain date.

In short then you have a shitty tenant, stop what your doing, write down all the issues, write down the steps that have to be taken to get to the result then follow those steps. If you would like more information about dealing with tenants and managing tenants please download our E-book from for the price of a cup off coffee you could save tens of thousands in lost money and millions in your sanity!

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