You want to retire one day? When?

We have that dream, of not HAVING to get up and go to work anymore, of doing only the things that you enjoy and making the most of life. Doing the hobbies you have put off for your working careers, traveling, dining out with friends, doing lunch. All these things paint a picture in our mind of what we want to do when we retire, for some this means 65, 60 even 55, and for a few they have planned well for this date. For some retirement comes as a surprise, jobs disappearing, restructuring, and even worse case scenario, for medical reasons. One thing is for certain though we are all getting older and one way or another that day will come when we choose to leave, or life makes the choice for us. For many of you saving that magic amount so you can live worry free has not been a priority or an ability and for many others downsizing the family home is the option for retirement. The trouble with a lump sump of a fixed retirement income is it doesn’t allow for growth. Growth is something that should have happened in the years before, now its spend and draw for you and as we get older and live longer our ‘fund’ can create a scarcity mentality, not the golden years you were promised. What If I was to tell you there is another way? There is a way you can use what you already have to get what you want, a way that instead of diminishing your fund over time you can grow its value AND have monthly cash flow?

A while ago I had a client who was in their 50’s looking to retire, and they owned most of their home, had saved some money so approached a well known investment company which we don’t want to name but rhymes with ‘Fredward Bones’! They told my client that they could have an income of around $2900 per month until they were 83 years old, in a picture of health my client said what if I live till I am 84? They were told they needed to have saved more or they could take less a month and get paid till their older, neither of these appealed to them. We looked at what we could do with them and using rental properties and a strategy with Alberni Valley Rental House Profits Inc, purchased a few rental properties, very quickly they got to 7 rentals and the cashflow (the money after all bills are paid and is left over) was just over $3000 a month. Now this may not sound like much of a difference BUT their original capital instead of diminishing as they get older will actually grow, the mortgages on the rentals is paid for by the tenants so in time as the mortgage gets paid down the cashflow each month will increase so by the time they hit 83 years old instead of running out of money they will have approximately $7000 per month of income (if rents never go up in the next 30 years) and their net worth instead of diminishing to zero will be worth about $2,000,000 (that’s over 2 MILLION) and that is if house prices NEVER go up in the next 30 years! Now friends of mine they said to me one day they still have money worries, instead of money running out now their problem is how to pass on their wealth to their kids and grandkids…. This is a positive problem to have!

When is the best time to start this path? An old saying is when is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago is the answer, when is the next best time if you didn’t do it then? RIGHT NOW, is the answer. You are never too young, too old to have rental property as part of your retirement income, I agree you do not want to deal with tenants, rentals, phone calls, repairs and all those other headaches that can and are part of a real estate business. That is why Alberni Valley Rental House Profits Inc is here, we work with you, partner with you and we deal with it all for you, from finding, renovating, managing property and tenants, we take all the headaches so you can enjoy life, in retirement or carry on working. We can show you how Rental Property, when done right, is an amazing way to create the life you deserve and the ‘too much money problems’ our friends now suffer with above! Contact

to book an informal chat with our specialized team and see why NOW is one of the best times to get into real estate for you. All our conversations are professional with no sales agenda and are purely informational, we believe in education first so you can make better informed decisions in the future.

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