Time is WEALTH

it was 2009 and I watched my boss tow his boat out towards the lake as i was working on a Saturday to support his dream.....Screw this I thought! I had emigrated in 2007 to Canada and to emigrate was my dream, but what now? I worked for a couple of years grateful at having achieved a lifelong dream.... But still deep inside there was something more to life I wanted,I just didn't know what. I'm very grateful for the work but the universe had greater things in mind for me (and it does for you too, you really don't have to settle). One day I was talking with my cousin and i said to him, one of my goals is to wake board on a Wednesday and Ski on a Thursday up the mountain, not for any other reason than because I can!

This might seem like a silly goal but I wanted to achieve this, not through booking holidays but by being able to, not just those days, but any days I choose. To me, and I am sure to many of you, imagine being able to take holidays when you decide, go on a day out, when you want, stop what your doing to go watch the kids/grand-kids at school, help a loved one who is ill, whatever you need whenever you need. Sounds like a dream right? To do this in your life I am not saying you can do this every day (not yet anyway) but you can choose the days you do by having a healthy rental house portfolio. Having a healthy portfolio helps you provide money that comes to you without you trading direct time for money. Imagine being on holiday and looking in your bank account and seeing sums of money deposited, and all you did was sit on the sunbed all week. Now in order to do what you want you do need TIME and MONEY. If you sacrifice your time to someone else then you are supporting their dreams, whether it be a direct boss or a corporation with investors and shareholders if you are paid for your time you are sacrificing time for money. There is nothing wrong with this, but what are you doing to support your dreams, and when do you want to start living your dream life? Imagine if your dream was a tree, when would the best time to plant it have been? 20 years ago right...... so when's the next best time? RIGHT NOW (we stole that saying from an old Chinese proverb)

Having Real Estate does take some active work in management, finding and creating the good deals, building local expertise for house and tenant profiles, which is why joint ventures are a great way for you to be 'Hands-Off' and have the free time to enjoy the fruits of someone else's labor.

I started in 2009 and last year was truly when I could say - I'm taking today off because I can..... And I did, and I did go wake boarding on a Wednesday and skiing on a weekday (cant remember if it was a Thursday or not). I'm currently planning our next ski day up the hill with the family.... and we are going on a weekday, because we can....

Time is the only thing we absolutely can not make, get back, slow down or speed up, spend it with your family and friends as much as you can because I am sure when we get to our deathbeds no-one will look back and wish they spent more time at the office.... And if you want to have some rental houses to help have some of this time to live the life you want, talk to Rental House Profits and we can show you how you CAN use what you have to get what you want, starting today!

Visit our website for more details, www.rentalhouseprofits.com


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