Why go to seminars or learn?

WHY Go to seminars?

When I ask people if they would like to go to a FREE seminar about how to use money in real estate, how to get money in the first place, how to leverage money and then how to sit back and enjoy the benefits of life they say no. THEN in the very next breath they ask me how I can take my kids to school, have a day off when I feel I need one, or would like to spend time with my family, perhaps at a school event or even take some time to help a charity or friends. I then tell them again come to a seminar and learn how, NO comes their reply again!

That leads to the reason I go to investment seminars, to be around like minded people! The second reason is to learn something new or refresh something I already know but may need to use soon in my investment career. Being around like minded people though is CRUCIAL if you want to succeed, why do you think athletes do not hang around with couch potatoes playing Wii or Xbox? Why do business people not hang around with people on benefits? “BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER!” so when people ask me “what should I do if I want to start investing in real estate and building a residual income,” I tell them two things:

1st Read some publications, start to change your mind (after all a million dollars is first created in your mind before it is in real life, the million dollar idea, where did it start!)

2nd Now you are starting to think like an investor, start to mingle with some GO TO A SEMINAR, investors will gladly pass on their information for free if they think you are interested, listen to the successful ones though, ask them what they have done first before taking any advice!

Not all seminars are free and you get more info usually at the ones you pay to go to……but not always! Find people you like, see if you can work with them as investing, especially in real estate is definitely a TEAM SPORT!

Build your team and then TAKE ACTION! Fear will stop most people ever taking action (they will use many other excuses but really it’s fear), how do you eliminate fear? Through education…continuous education. How do you get education? SEMINARS are a great place to get education! Want to go to one please contact us at info@rentalhouseprofits.com and we will gladly share which ones we are heading to in the near future! Perhaps we will see you there.

For info on how you can work with Gary Spencer-Smith at Rental House Profits please contact us.

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