Education is important, if not one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. I educate the people who are interested in investing in real estate. If they want to do it with us or by themselves then we have solutions and programs they can take (click here to view)  

We believe that instead of being sold the 'secret sauce' or the special recipe that will help you achieve overnight riches (it is not how it works) we help educate people about what is possible. A multitude of strategies, from how to look at a market and see if the market drivers and influences make it a good place for the strategy you would like to do. 

We help educate about a multitude of strategies AND cycles in the market place to help you make and EDUCATED decision about the type of home, the strategy you are looking at using, AND about yourself, and if this helps you achieve what you truly want to achieve.

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Do you have an event or group that has something to do with real estate? An investors club, would you like an amazing speaker who is entertaining and informative? 

Rental House Profits can help, Gary Spencer-Smith is an award winning investor and an award winning business owner for multiple businesses. He can entertain, intrigue and excite you about what is possible. From keynotes, to panel discussions, to whole day talks Gary can deliver for you.

If you would like to see Gary speak and hear his weird accent, please go to YouTube and to the channel RevNyou and watch him there.

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Vancouver Island Only

Once you own rental property you have some choices about how to manage it. If your property is on Vancouver Island we can help!

1. Manage it yourself along with all the 'headaches' that come from property management in your 'spare' time. So we have programs and coaching to help alleviate those for you and maximize your returns and minimize your 'challenges'.

2. Pay another company the standard management fee even though the have no 'real' interest in how the tenant is, because if it doesn't work it doesn't come out of their pocket! Also they only make money when a tenant is in. Their priority, fill it regardless. This is why its important to learn how to manage the manager!

3. Managed by Rental House Profits - (if you joint venture with us we can manage the property for you) Not only do we have an interest in the long term picture so we are VERY careful about who is in 'our' houses. We also have a deeply vested interest in how they look after the property because as joint owners we also have an interest in the future value AND condition of the property. 

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