Want to invest in real estate in a different way than the usual buy and hold for twenty years and manage tenants?

Would you like to have a high quality tenant buyer and an increased cashflow every month?

Rent to owns are a great tool to have in your portfolio and when done correctly through what you will learn in our course, they are a great way to make higher than average cashflow and to have AMAZING headache free tenants. Below is an example of the course outline.

Also included will be one on one coaching with someone who has completed successful rent to owns and had some challenges along the way so they know what its like at both ends and can help you learn from their experiences.


Week 1 - Sample Deal

A case study- 4 Types of LTOH (tenant first, property first, sandwich lease, existing tenant to LTOH)- Returns- Risks


Week 2 -  Best Property Type (suite, single family, condo) Pricing – determine future price Determine option fee and rent credits and downpayment solutions for the tenant buyer


Week 3 - Advertising:

Callbacks and scheduling Showings Screening and Applications. Handling Common Tenant Objections.


Week 4 - Documents:

The agreements (lease, option, move in inspection, receipts) Move in basket & binder. Moving them in Quarterly receipts.


Week 5 - Management

Repairs & Maintenance Handling tenant break ups Handing tenant disputes Late Rent


Week 6 - Selling to the tenant & the documents you need. Working with the mortgage broker What if they don’t buy? Getting referrals/testimonials.


BONUS - Rent To Own Website 101

Secrets to successful rent to own's


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