So you want to buy real estate and your already saying you do not have the money? This Raising Money for Rookies is the stepping stone to a mind shift, a shift that actually opens your mind to realize what is possible.  A beginners guide to 'How to' for raising capital. In this 4 week module you will be shown how to be, act and do in order to have people HAPPY to hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars to help you buy the investment real estate you want.


Week one - This is the game changer this week is enlightenment, if this is all you do this will change your world forever.

Mindsets - How to change minds to achieve the results you desire

  • Your mindset - how you self talk yourself out of asking for money, how the little voice inside your head, your belief system, actually trips you up and prevents you from achieveing the success you deserve. We delve into you and your thought process and together we work towards how you can position yourself by alteringyour belief system.
  • Their mindset - how they have been condtioned over years, sometimes decades to believe certain things to be true and then we will give you the tools to help them see the truth, you are not asking them for anything, just giving them an awakening and a self realization so they want to give you money and you do not have to ask for it. 
  • The publics mindset - how society will interfere in your financial raising goals, how the public, friends and family of you and your financial partners will almost try to sabotauge your efforts when they think they are trying to help, and what you can do to prevent this.


Week two - 'Joint Venutres'

  • Finding the ideal JV partners 
  • Sharing the deal, what's the right split and shares?
  • Where to find people with money
  • Family or friends the do's and don'ts


Week three - 'What to say'

  • 5 questions yo umust answer when rasiing money for real estate
  • 3 biggest objections when raising money
  • How to create the perfect 'script' when raising money
  • What is th ebest way for YOU to present? 


Week 4 - 'Without the banks money'

  • The secrets of RRSP mortgages
  • 7 steps to use RRSP mortgages to fund your real estate investing deals
  • When to use RRSP mortgages 
  • Private money / Hard money



  • Little tips for raising money
  • BONUS one v one 30 minute call with a licensed REIA (Real Estate Investment Advisor) 
  • BONUS coaching call to help you with your script/pitch and practice presentations, up to one hour face to face (digitally) to help you develop your skills BEFORE you go out into the big world and ensure a super high success rate for you.

Raising Money for Rookies - Funding your deals


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