Payable MONTHLY at $197 per month (or $1997 if paid up front for the year, saving $367)




Real Estate Achievement Program R.E.A.P




Quick Start Guide for Real Estate Investors – A workbook to print out and start your real estate investing journey. Every epic journey begins with a simple first step, this is it for you. AFTER filling in this workbook before your intake interview


Rookie to Rock Solid The foundation course for success in real estate, a seven-week course that helps you really understand the basics and move forward in your investing in real estate. 

  • Included - Cost If bought individually: $897


Access to REIN's REIC (Real Estate Investing in Canada) Program - This program retails for $997 and contains over 80 hours of some of the best 'How-to' content for investors, even though the course is specific to Canada the fundementals it teaches can be applied anywhere in the world! With Canada's number one real estate research team behind the information and the legendary Don R Campbell you can be assured this is as good as it gets!

  • Usual cost if purchased direct from REIN $997 (included with the our course)


The secrets of Rent-To-Owns A course designed specifically to look at the opportunities of Rent-to-own strategies and touches upon a few other creative strategies to help you during your real estate journey.

  • Included - Cost If bought individually: $897


Fund Your Deals Program– The art of raising money, this course is 4 weeks long and helps you understand the abundance of where you can find money, how you can position yourself and create value in what YOU offer so people want to give you their money for your deals.         

  • Included - Cost If bought individually: $897


Weekly Webinars – These webinars are informative AND help you to train your brain to think like an investor, we pay thousands of dollars a year to access information and keep ahead of the game and share with you what we learn along the way. We also use these to peel back the layers of what’s happening in the ‘media’ and with governments and explain how this can affect you as a real estate investor. We will also work with students and help them with their specific challenges where we see a benefit to the whole community

  • Included - Cost If bought individually: $997


Support Email - 24/7/365: email support for your questions and challenges with a maximum 24 hour response rate (usually a lot faster depending on what time you message). This can be used to answer questions about your strategies, deals you’re looking at, challenges you might be facing etc. How much would be getting the right advice at a crucial time save you?

  • Included - Cost If bought individually: $1497


Real Estate Investment Advisor Coaching 1 v 1 personal call (x2) or in person meet up (if possible), as some of the first 100 people licensed in Canada under the real estate investment advisor licensing program and part of the Legacy Council of Canada advisors, our advisors have an immense amount of knowledge and access to an elite team of Brokers, both real estate and mortgage, Insurance agents, Wealth Management and MUCH more. As an advisor and coach their usual rates are $500 per hour and up. We recommend saving these until at least half way through the program and then one near the end, this way you get the maximum benefit of the session as your level of understanding will be higher level.

  • Included - Cost If bought individually: $1000


Access to specialist Brokers / Accountants / Inusrance etc

Included - Cost If bought individually: Priceless!



Who is R.E.A.P. for?

Are you wanting to use real estate in any way to help you build wealth in your lif WITHOUT spending tens of thousands of dollars to get there? We do not force or teach our ‘system’  because what works for us might not work for you, instead we teach you how to discover a system that works for you and achieve success in way that supports you and YOUR dreams and goals.

If you were to purchase all our individual programs separately as listed above the total cost would be over $6500, and with coaching and mentorship close to $10,000!


For $197 a month and 100% risk free! (minimum 12 month subscription) ($1997 if you pay for the full year up front)  if you do all the work, (you must do the work) and you do not make or save the money you have spent with us doing this program, then you can ask for your money back and we will refund you! Now access the knowledge and support to truly change your life and your real estate investing future.


Awesome you want to sign up and start to really change your life.

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R.E.A.P. Real Estate Achievement Program


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