Rental House Profits and RevNyou investment course from Rookie to Rock solid investor

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee Our real guarantee is that if you do nothing, you will get nothing. However, if you complete this course (that means you attend each training session, complete the work assigned each week, and you’ve left your house to follow our process) and you are not happy with what you’ve learned, let us know. We’ll happily refund your money. If, however, the program doesn’t work for you because you didn’t do any work – that’s not covered under our money back guarantee. We only want to work with action takers so if you’re not prepared to invest in yourself with a little effort each week, this program is not for you.

 Sebastien Charron, Gatineau, Quebec

“Before the Rev N You training (I took Summer School & Fund Your Deals in 49 Days), I was using my own money to buy old houses (small down payment) but not very attractive. After theses courses, I began to look for good houses in good areas. I did a joint venture with an investor and bought a very nice home in a nice area. We are now making 400$/month on this house. I really liked that I could ask questions of people who were doing what I wanted to do. I gained a lot of confidence and I absolutely without a doubt recommend these courses. I also created a blog, but it’s in french 

Martin Beaulieu, Sherwood Park, AB

“Before I signed up I was worried whether I would get my money’s worth… I just closed on my first property since taking Summer School and despite a bidding war I got it for LESS than market value, using little of my own money! It was simple strategies I learned from this training that helped me get such a great deal when other offers were ABOVE asking price and mine was not! So did I get my money’s worth? Heck ya! I highly recommend Rev N You’s training.” 

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