Gary Spencer-Smith

national award-winning real estate investor with 20 years experience.


Originally from England, where he started investing in real estate, he moved to Canada in 2007 after serving 11 years in the Royal Navy and seeing active conflict. This helped him develop a problem-solving mindset which, along with his engineering degree, he attributes to his success in business and real estate which he is more than happy to share with you.


Gary has been a full-time investor for over 10 years and is the owner of two award-winning companies – a real estate investing company and a leadership development company.

A multi-million dollar real estate portfolio, multiple joint venture partners, private money and creative strategies have given Gary a lot of experience, which he is honored to share with his coaching clients like you.


His companies include property management, real estate investing and education, leadership development, and a successful YouTube channel with over 6,500 subscribers. RevNyou (click to go and subscribe)

Gary coaches people on what is possible for them. He stands by his coaching ability and offers a money-back guarantee. If you do not make or save the money you spend hiring Gary, as long as you do the work, he will refund 100% of your money. Also when working with Joint venture partners he guarantees you will make an agreed above average return or he will take from his share to ensure you get what the targeted return was for you!

“When I work with my clients, I not only coach them on real estate investing but also on their leadership skill development, both of which are crucial to success. Many people have a vision or goal they want to achieve using real estate, then they get lost in the ‘how’ and change their vision or settle for a lesser goal. Working with me as their coach, I help them figure out a ‘how’ that works for them and ensure they do not give up or change their goals and settle. I very often help them exceed what they thought was possible with real estate.” –Gary Spencer-Smith

The Foundation To Achieve Future Success,

Miss Karysa Brossoit,

Co-owner in Rental House Profits / CEO / President Alberni Valley Real Estate Investors Club

When Karysa first had interest in real estate she was 18 years old. At 20, she was at a stage in her life asking herself "what do I want to do to make money for the rest of my life?" "Do I go to college? Do I stay at a union job till I’m retired and slowly work up my pension? Or do I waitress for the rest of my life and work evenings and weekends to get the most value in tips like some of my friends are doing?"


None of those interested her. So why does Karysa choose real estate? Well with the right coaching, mentor-ship, and determination (which she has). She decided she wants to be able to go on vacation when she needs one, not when her 'work' allows her to go. She wants to do the things she really enjoys, which is hiking and being involved with the outdoors. She wants to learn different things to better herself. Take yoga classes, take an art class, and learn to surf. She has a huge bucket list, as do many of us.

The difference with Karysa choosing real estate is she'll have spare time to check everything off. She wants her family to bond and experience great things together. She wants to support her children (when she has them) growing up and have spare time to hang out with them. Take them to the beach, make forts with them, or start projects and finish them.


How many people today come home from work and are exhausted, lug through to make that dinner for themselves or their kids and wake up and do it all over again? Right? She wants to have the time, the money and the energy to do ALL the things she actually would like to do in each day.




Real estate should fund your life – Not be your life.

Karysa, at 24 years young, is now the CEO of Rental House Profits and Rev N You Real estate education, joint ventured on 17 rentals and this year (2019) adding more to the portfolio including commercial and more rental units. If you like the sound of the life Karysa is creating then she recommends getting educated and taking action of which you can do it all by clicking here! CLICK HERE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Contact us at info@rentalhouseprofits.com and see how we can help you use real estate to live the life you love!

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